The holidays are right around the corner and that means spending time with family, friends, decorating, and enjoying a lot of delicious food.  Your family probably has some tried and true traditions you have followed year after year, but maybe this year it is time to spice it up with something new.   Blessed Trinity Academy has some ideas for new holiday traditions you can incorporate into your family’s Turkey Day festivities and preparation for Christmas this year.

Give Back

The holidays are the time to think of other people, especially those in need.  If your family hasn’t actively given back to their local community, let this be the year you start making a difference.  There are so many ways you can provide blessings to your community this Thanksgiving and Christmas. On a small scale, you can show appreciation for those around you by leaving some homemade treats on your neighbor’s doorstep. Or, you and your family can help those less fortunate by volunteering at a Thanksgiving food drive.  In addition many of the local parishes or community centers run toy drives to provide toys to children in need.  Taking a name from a giving tree can bring many blessings to local children who may have very little this season.

At BTA, we offer several opportunities for our families to donate to families in need.  This year we are collecting non-perishable items for a local food pantry.  We are also encouraging families to put together shoeboxes of essential items that will be sent to those in need in Appalachia.  

Move, Move, Move

The holidays are filled with food!  Everything from turkey to stuffing to pies to cookies are available from Thanksgiving through the Christmas holiday.  That makes it the best time to get your family moving. If your child gets antsy when sitting at the Thanksgiving dinner table for a long meal, you can try starting a new tradition that lets her burn off some of that energy before the big feast. A game of backyard football provides energetic fun for the whole family.  Or for a more challenging exercise, you and your child can participate in a Turkey Trot. These family fun runs are held the morning of Thanksgiving to give participants a chance to burn off some calories before they stuff their bellies with turkey. With a new, active tradition, your family can enjoy quality time away from the television this Thanksgiving.

Encourage Little Helpers

Cooking a holiday meal can be a big undertaking!  Often our holidays are filled with a Thanksgiving feast, baking cookies, or maybe a Christmas brunch.  This makes it the perfect time to encourage help from your child.  Let your whole family help out in the kitchen by giving each family member a dish or task to complete. Younger children can do small tasks, like mashing potatoes or sprinkling marshmallows on sweet potato pie. If your child is older, you can help her create an entire side dish or dessert. Baking is an important part of any holiday and is also a fun activity to do with children.  From getting math lessons when it comes to measuring or getting those creative juices flowing when it comes to decorating cookies, not only will you create a lot of great memories, you will also make your children feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they see their finished product.

Blessed Trinity Academy has been helping children grow to their fullest potential and become leaders within their communities for the last five years. We offer unique and dynamic learning environments that engage students and encourage them to become confident and responsible adults. To learn more about what makes us different, contact us today.

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