Graduation! A Time to Celebrate

Spring is the season for graduations.  While we mostly recognize students graduating from high school and college, eighth grade graduations can be just as monumental especially for children who attend at Catholic school.  By the time they arrive at eighth grade graduation, most Catholic school students have been together since kindergarten or even preschool.  For an eighth grader, the movement from middle school to high school is more than just the movement from one grade level to another.  While students who attend public schools will most likely be moving to high school together, students in a Catholic school will be splitting up and going different ways. Undoubtedly this can be a time of transition and celebration.  Here are some ways to help your child celebrate their accomplishments and prepare for the transition:

Help Your Child Become More Independent

There is a lot of growth that happens in middle school especially because children become teenagers during this time.  Finding the right balance between offering assistance and giving them space to learn and grow can be difficult.  But you want your child to work towards being an independent adult which they will need when they head off to college. Teaching your child to advocate for themselves is important to prepare them to move on from their primary grades.

Talk About High School

By the time your child comes to the end of their eighth grade year, they are probably thinking a lot about high school.  You have probably attended open houses, done a shadow day, attended welcome events or orientations, and met with guidance counselors in preparation for the start of the school year.  If you haven’t done so already, educate yourself about your child’s new school.  Look at the different classes and activities that are available.  Then talk to your child about what to expect and discuss ways they can get involved in their new school.  This will help ease the transition and open them up to new friendships. Encourage them to look on the school’s website and talk to other students they may know who already go there.

Celebrate the Graduation

For parents, eighth grade graduation may not seem like a big deal. Most children pass eighth grade with no real problems. However, this isn’t just about the end of her middle school journey — it’s also about the beginning of her journey into high school. Surprise your child with her favorite breakfast, or get the family together for a special dinner celebration, complete with a graduation cake. Make sure your child knows that you’re proud of her for taking the next step. 

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