Is Private School Right for my Child?

The past year has given all parents time to reflect on their child’s education. The Covid crisis has brought about the stark reality that not all schools and all methods of learning are right for each child. As a result schools like Blessed Trinity Academy have seen a dramatic increase in enrollment not only because of the 5 day a week in school model, but also because of the faith that is present throughout the classrooms. I can’t tell you how many parents have walked through the doors this past year and said, “We have been thinking about Catholic school for awhile, but this was the push we needed to make the change.”

It can be an overwhelming and difficult decision to change schools. As a parent you may be thinking- what is the right school for my child? Will I find friends there too? How do I know if I’m making the right decision for my family? And it can be overwhelming to even think about starting the process. However, following these simple steps can make exploring a new school far less stressful.

Do your homework

Look at the school’s website, check out their social media, talk to your friends or friends of friends who attend the schools you are considering and ask for their honest assessment.

Tour the school

Hands down, the best way to get a feel for a school is to tour. What is the interaction in the classroom? Are students engaged? What is the pervasive feeling you get from the students and teachers? Could you see your child there? Schools often offer Open Houses throughout the year too. While a Open House is a great chance to speak more one on one with the teachers, I always recommend a private tour during the school day. This really gives parents a great feel of what the school day is like, how the teachers interact with the students, and the level of engagement the students have in the classroom.

Ask questions

Be prepared to ask questions about everything from how homework is handled and the school’s philosophy on discipline to uniform requirements and where students go when they graduate from the school. Also do not hesitate to reach out to the Director of Admissions or the school office with additional questions after you have visited the school. Often I find that questions come up about financial aid or busing or even athletics after families have visited.

Plan a Visit for Your Child

I always recommend a shadow day to families especially if you have a child who would be starting in 1st through 8th grade. Having your child spend a day or a part of a day in the classroom really gives them an idea of if they would fit in to that school’s environment. It also gives them a chance to meet other students in their potential class and an opportunity to meet the teaches. If you are considering multiple schools and think that your child would thrive in either environment, a shadow day can be the determining factor in your decision.

Pay attention to deadlines

Admissions offices have a plethora of forms to contend with for each student. Don’t let your oversight of the deadlines put your child at a disadvantage for being considered. In years past at BTA we have allowed students to enroll throughout the summer, however, due to Covid and the limitations on class sizes, there is a potential for a waiting list. If you know a certain school is where you want to be, do not wait to submit your paperwork.

Interested in exploring other options? Blessed Trinity Academy is currently accepting students for the 2021-2022 school year. Consider attending our Open House on April 21 from 6-7:30pm. Preregistration is required. Visit our website at to register. Or email to schedule a private tour.

Mrs. Meredith Kandravy, Director of Admissions and Marketing at Blessed Trinity Academy