Summer Reading- It’s Never Too Late to Start

“There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favorite book.”  Marcel Proust

According to the American Library Association, summer reading programs encourage students to develop a lifelong habit of reading.  Reading over the summer helps students keep their skills sharp and generates interest in books and the library.  Even reluctant readers can be drawn into reading over the summer by reading books they choose and at their leisure. 

Here at BTA, we know the importance of summer reading and encourage all of our students to do so.  When students participate in summer reading, they avoid the “summer slide,” the loss of academic skills that occurs when school is not in session which is attributed largely to the lack of reading.  Students in Grades 4 – 8 receive guidelines from their teachers in regards to reading, but are urged to read above and beyond the requirements.

A great way to encourage summer reading at your school is to offer an incentive program.  At BTA we participate in the Scholastic Summer Read-A-Palooza, which allows students a way to track their minutes.  Last year our students read over 72,000 minutes!   The Scholastic program unites students and communities nationwide virtually to keep track of books that they’re reading.  Students track their reading streaks and earn virtual rewards and unlock book donations, with the goal of Scholastic donating 100,000 books.  Some of the incentives BTA has offered are dress down days, bookmarks, a free ice cream at lunch, and a raffle to win an Amazon Kindle.  

There is still time to encourage your children to read this summer.  If you are looking for some grade level appropriate book selections for your 4th through 8th grade child, check out some of the titles our BTA students are reading this summer.

By Julie Mitchell

Blessed Trinity Academy 1st Grade Teacher

4th Grade Reading List

5th Grade Reading List

6th Grade Reading List

7th Grade Reading List

8th Grade Reading List

A New Journey Begins

As the Principal of Blessed Trinity Academy, I would like to welcome you to our blog, Catholic School Classrooms At Work. We want to share with you about the benefits of attending a Catholic school in this ever-changing world. This is a place where traditions and innovative curriculum are integrated into a faith-based education. Academic standards are high, as well as a value placed on respect for and service to others. 

I have been an educational leader for over 20 years and just completed my first year as a Catholic school principal. This opportunity has given me a chance to reflect on how my own Catholic school experiences have influenced my journey in teaching and leading over the past 20 years. My Catholic teachers and teachings influenced my work within school communities. Creating this environment is intentional—creating joy in learning, with the gratitude of God and the teachings of Jesus. Creating space for student voice in learning and the celebration of Catholic traditions. And creating opportunities for students to apply the teachings of Christ in their daily life—in communion with each other and reaching out to assist and advocate for those in need.       

We want to share with the greater Pittsburgh community about our passionate and dedicated teachers, who not only facilitate learning to meet the needs of the whole child, but also are strong role models, who live out their Catholic values in their everyday actions.

We will talk about what it means to be a part of a faith-based school and how we create a sense of community. Our families engage in athletics, fellowship, friendship, and service. 

We want interested families to know that affording Catholic education is within reach.

We are a place where kids thrive! We respect the individuality of each child while allowing them to develop their God-given talents.   

Learn more about exciting opportunities for kids at Catholic Schools. 

Mrs. Moira Regan Edmiston, Principal of Blessed Trinity Academy