School is back in session and there is a whirl of activity taking place both inside and outside the school walls.  A great way to show your child you are invested in their education is by getting involved in their school.  Children love seeing their parents at their school helping with different activities from classroom parties to the Book Fair.  Because of Covid last year, opportunities were limited for volunteering in most schools, however, this year more schools are allowing parents in their building to help with various things.  Schools, whether it be private or public, constantly need volunteers to help with school tasks, including planning events, chaperoning field trips, and organizing fundraising activities.  Parents are also needed to serve on committees.  At Blessed Trinity Academy, parent volunteers are essential to run our PTG (Parent-Teacher Guild), Athletics Association, and help with fundraising activities.

 Parent volunteers provide a huge relief and support to the community. A lot of the activities and opportunities provided for our children at school cannot be accomplished without the help of volunteers.  Get involved and demonstrate to your child the importance of getting involved and working together.

How to Get Started:

Most groups at school have monthly meetings that are open to all parents and staff. Attending one of these meetings is a great way to see how the group works and what activities they are putting together.  If you are new to a school, this is also a fantastic way to meet other parents at school.  

In addition, talk to your child’s teachers or the school principal.  Teachers and administrators are always grateful for a group of parents they can call on when things arise that they need help with.  They can also make suggestions of upcoming events that may need an extra set of hands. Some things that schools like BTA often need help with are:

  • Lunchroom monitors
  • Homeroom parents
  • Volunteers at class parties
  • Chaperones for Field Trips
  • Coaches for athletics
  • Assist or run after school clubs
  • Help at Book Fairs, Santa’s Workshops, Holiday Shops
  • Volunteer to be a board position on one of the committees
  • Coordinator a fundraiser
  • Be a science fair judge
  • Organize restaurant nights
  • And the list continues….

These are some things to keep in mind while you are volunteering:

  • Only dedicate as much time as you are willing. Don’t be afraid to say no, and be clear about what you are able to do.
  • Any little bit makes a difference. Oftentimes some of the duties only involve making some phone calls or sending emails, things that can be done from home.
  • Start small — don’t offer to be the athletics or PTG president right away. Take on only as much as you are capable.
  • Talk to the teachers and students so you can find out what they need help with. You’ll want to make the most out of your time there, so select activities wisely.
  • Don’t give any special treatment to your child. You’re there for everyone, not just her or him! Limit your interactions and stay behind the scenes.

At Blessed Trinity Academy volunteers foster our sense of community and are essential in creating all of the wonderful experiences our students love so much.  If you are a school parents and are interested in volunteering your time, please visit our website or email Mrs. Edmiston at

If you are looking for a place where parents are welcome to be a part of your child’s education, contact us today!

By Meredith Kandravy, Director of Admissions and Marketing and Parent at BTA

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