Becoming a Servant of God

Last month our blog focused on how students in Catholic schools have a higher rate of practicing their faith into adulthood than those that attend public schools. This month we are focusing on service and being engaged community members.  One of the things Catholic schools strive to accomplish is to turn their students into servants of God.  Through various service projects through school and community, Catholic schools offer ample opportunities for students to serve others.  Whether it is writing cards to shut-ins, organizing food drives, packing meals, raising money for charities, or volunteering in local communities, students in Catholic schools are taught from a very young age to think about those in need and try their best to help. Catholic schools consider serving the community to be an essential part of a child’s education.   Those values of giving back to others are carried over into adulthood and can be seen through not only service, but also active civic engagement. According to the NCEA (National Catholic Educational Association), the following holds true:

 • People who attended some sort of Catholic school are more likely to feel a social responsibility to the needy.

 • Catholic school graduates are more civically engaged.

 • Catholic schools serve the disadvantaged and marginalized.

 • Catholic school graduates are more likely to vote

. • Catholic schools are deeply rooted in the communities they serve.

 • Catholic school graduates are more tolerant of diverse views. 

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