As children head back to school over the next few weeks after an extended absence from their classrooms, there is a certain amount of anxiety and excitement from parents, students and teachers. Students are excited about seeing friends they haven’t seen for months but nervous that they may have forgotten their academics from last year. Parents are excited to have their children on a real schedule and create structure in their households, but are concerned about masks, social distancing, and if another possible shut down is coming. And teachers are excited to be back in their classrooms where they can be most effective, but concerned about implementing all of the safety protocols, providing a solid learning experience with students unable to leave their desks as well as making sure that students who will be tuning in virtually are taken care of too. It is a lot of different emotions for everyone.

To help prepare for the return to school, we have asked our BTA teachers to give both students and parents some advice to prepare for a very unconventional start to the school year. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Practice wearing masks. All students are being asked to wear their masks throughout the day even while at desks so it is important that students get used to having them on for extended periods of time. And always bring a smile:)—- Mrs. Bridgeman, Kindergarten
  2. Be patient and ready for anything. As we found out last year, things can change pretty quickly so it is important for parents and their children to come with a flexible attitude.—– Mrs. Mitchell, 1st Grade
  3. Always say your prayers. Be kind to one another. And don’t stress about this year. We are all in this together.— Mrs. Heasley, 2nd Grade
  4. Everyone needs to take a deep breath everyday. Parents- don’t worry, your children will be taken care of.—- Ms. McKaveney, 3rd Grade
  5.  At the start of each school year I encourage the students to have a positive attitude. It’s important to give things a try.  You can always ask for help or try a different way,and don’t forget you have Jesus at your side. This year “being positive” is just what is needed as we will be implementing new procedures for safety and social distancing. It will also be important to have a positive attitude while learning new ways of doing work through Google Classroom. I keep thinking of a featured song in “Willy Wonka,Jr.” which was to be our spring musical last year and, if all goes well, will be our spring musical this year. The song is called “Think Positive” and one line says “Whenever I’m feeling down and out and don’t know what to do, I never give way to fear and doubt, cos thinking positive sees me through!” So to all families and students of fourth grade, “We got this!” as we “Think Positive!”—- Mrs. Cross, 4th Grade
  6. Try to stay calm and remember things will work out. — Mr. Tinnemeyer, 5th Grade
  7. Get everyone to bed on time. During the summer children aren’t always on a schedule, which is understandable. Proper rest is essential for a healthy and productive school year. Help your kids get back on track sleep wise by having them go to bed earlier and wake up earlier a week in advance of when school actually starts.— Mrs. Grana, Middle School Social Studies
  8. Stay organized! This is for parents and students. Since things can change so quickly, it is important that every family has a method of organization that works for them.—- Mrs. Rice, Middle School Language Arts
  9. Think of this of a time of innovation! Think outside of the box! Teachers will be trying different projects and teaching methods and will be asking for creativity from their students too.—- Miss Bucha, Middle School Science and STEM
  10. Be Awesome! And stay on top of your assignments!—- Mr. Wesolowski, Middle School Math
  11. Have an open mind. Teachers are trying their hardest.—- Miss Chadran, St. Anthony’s Program K-4th Grade

At BTA, we wish all families a safe and productive return to school. We can’t wait to see what the year brings!

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